Choosing A Carpet

A new floor can be a significant purchase as we always recommend that you buy as good quality a carpet as your budget will allow.  We’ve pulled together some great tips to ensure you choose the right carpet for your home, lifestyle and interior design. In fact we’ve thought of everything right down to the very room in the house your carpet will be laid in.

Is the carpet suitable for its purpose?

Almost all carpet samples are now labelled as to their suitability for use in different areas of your home. Of course, we ask you are sensible about this and take into consideration any very specific requirements your family or lifestyle may incur – a home that plays host to a rubgy team and their dogs will have more wear-and-tear than a retired, single person!

What Material Works for You?

Do check with one of our experts that the material you’ve chosen is suitable for your room’s use.  For example, a room with a lot of high-tech computer or musical equipment would be best with a specialist flooring material that works well in high static environments.  

Surprisingly, carpets have the capacity to store static, especially in a very dry environment and this can transfer to you! Static can be reduced by the introduction of moisture into the atmosphere; maybe with a humidifier.

What Carpet Works Where?

In general, long piled carpets are not suitable for use on stairs.

Secondary backed carpets, fitted over a good underlay, will give a better performance in heavy wear areas, such as living or dining rooms and halls, stairs and landings.


Because of the nature of production, the samples you see in store are not from the same dye batch as your carpet; therefore please understand these are closest guide possible but not always an exact colour match.

Also, the carpet characteristics of tweed, berber and heather carpets are made from yarn using random blends of fibres. This can occasionally cause a slight linear effect which may not be apparent in retail samples.  This random mix also means that these types of carpets can never be guaranteed to be exactly as samples.

Colour and Pattern Matching For Large Rooms or Adjoining Areas

To ensure perfect colour matching, you must order all the carpet you need from the same batch. Sounds a bit obvious we know but should you require your carpet pieces to match when laid side by side (such as adjoining rooms in an open plan area) then you must take this into consideration.

Carpets that are laid with the pile travelling in different directions, even though they are from the same batch, will appear not to match. Edge to edge pattern matching of tufted carpets cannot be undertaken, due to the nature of the production.

Please don’t be despondant!  If you’re buying carpet for a large area with joins your fitting expert will be more than happy to advise on the many carpet choices that will work beautifully for you. 

Follow our tips on choosing the right the carpet and then read through our simple steps to caring for your carpet and you will enjoy your beautiful floor for many, many years to come.

Do check with one of our experts that the material you’ve chosen is suitable for your room’s use.