Sofas at Perthshire Flooring

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Sofas at Perthshire Flooring

In 2018, 10 years after we first opened, Perthshire Flkooring expanded to include a range of sofas, armchairs and foot-stools.

We wanted to provide our customers with the same excellent quality and choice in furniture as we have in floors, allowing them a one-stop shop for their interiors projects.

We started small, but in only two years we have grown to become of Perth city centre's first-choice destination for home-owners looking to make a statement with their interior design.

The Harris Tweed range of sofas and armchairs is new for 2020 and has already proven to be a big hit! This sophisticated collection is the perfect addition to any Perthshire home, and pairs beautifully with our Invictus carpets or a dark wood floor.  

We also carry soft furnishings, rugs and home accessories to complement this range.

What type of sofa can I buy?

We have a fantastic range in our showroom and can also order to suit your exact specifications. Corner sofas are always popular and for smaller rooms try a cute little two-seater or decadent armchair to give the space an air of majesty! 

What colour and pattern of sofas do you stock?

The list truly is endless! Soft duck egg blue warm modern mustards and deep, lush raspberry colours look great in modern homes. For traditional decor think Harris tweed, leather and stone coloured fabrics.