Top Bedroom Flooring Choices

21st May 2016

What type of flooring should I lay in my bedroom?

Here at Perthshire Flooring we always remind our customers that when it comes to bedroom floors, the key is warmth and comfort underfoot. It’s the one room in the house where you are likely to be barefoot a lot of the time and a soft, lush pile is just what you want to swing your feet onto when you wake up.

We love the Riviera range which is 100% wool, giving you both warmth and hardwearing practicality in one stylish floor covering.  Riviera carpets are also our most eco-friendly range and from the twist to the glue that holds the backing on, nothing in this beautiful carpet is harmful to the environment.  (from £43.99 square meter)

The new range just launched from Associated Weavers, Inviticus, is fantastic value and ticks all the boxes for a great quality bedroom carpet.  100% Polypropelene this is beautiful, modern flooring and is super-soft to the touch.  As well as being one of the most sumptuous carpets you’ll walk on, Inviticus is also extremely durable, comes with a twenty year guarantee and is bleach cleanable – ideal for any little make-up spills! (From £21.99 square meter)  

Of course, for sheer decadence and style, Victoria Carpets Royal Victoria range offers you a regal look at a fantastic price point. 

If you have under floor heating in a bedroom, can you still have wooden floors? 

Here at Perthshire Flooring we are often asked if wooden floors can withstand the temperature changes that come from underfloor heating; we want to ensure that we stay warm underfoot while enjoying the stylish aesthetics of a real wood floor. 

We’re pleased to report that yes, you can have both! As long as you choose engineered wood then you will find the man-made backing under the real wood top will withstand the switch from hot to cold and back again.

Woodpecker and Pangaea both offer a stunning range of engineered wood floors with prices starting from £34 square meter.